Three Hufflepuffs in the Haystack: A photo essay

(Aside: Yeah, that’s right. If I’m a Hufflepuff (and the harry potter quiz said I was — twice) then everybody’s coming down the hufflepuff rabbit hole with me.)

Instead of telling you about the hike I did today with Amy and Matt, I’m going to show you! We hiked up Falling Waters Trail to Mt. Haystack, then walked the Franconia Ridge to Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Lafayette, and then down the Old Bridle Trail to the car. See the loop on the map picture below. It looks teeny tiny but don’t let the map’s scale fool you. it was 8.8 miles and 5000  feet of elevation altogether!

the trail map

As a general note — there were some things I didn’t capture with pictures because I was just too tired (sleepy) or too tired (hiking out of breath) or too tired (i just want to get back to the car now) or too tired (MY KNEEEESSSS!). I’ll let you know when we get to those places.

We left Providence when it was still dark at 4:30am to head up three hours to Franconia Notch in New Hampshire. This was one of those too tired (sleepy) moments so no pictures for you, though there were some really sweet ground clouds that rolled across fields on the drive up that really deserved pictures. I suggest you imagine it instead.

Done imagining? Okay…

So when we got to the trailhead, we started on the Falling Waters Trail up to Mt. Haystack and, true to the trail’s name, we were almost immediately treated to this wonderful waterfall.

waterfall 1

And we were all like ‘WOOOAHHH.’ Except matt and amy had already done the hike before, so really i was like ‘WOOOOAHHH’ the loudest. And Amy was all like ‘watch me be a badass with my broken hand and one hiking pole.’ And then she showed us how good of a balancer she is (so good).


And I was all like, ‘hey man, you’re not the only good balancer, okay?’ So i showed them my skillz.


Matt and Amy were all like ‘yeah yeah yeah, you can balance too, come on let’s go.’ So we went. And were very soon treated to this amazingness!


and I was like ‘OMG, I just can’t even.’ So we all took pictures with mr. waterfall.

a child?

Amy, though, was all, ‘I look like a child in that picture.’ But Amy is small and always looks like a child, so I took a picture with her like that too.


And she was like ‘okay, okay, I get it, I’m small.’ And then we kept hiking on until, very soon after, we got to the MOST AMAZING waterfall. And we were like ‘WHAAAT?!’

like what?!

And the best thing about this mr. waterfall was that the hiking path hugged all up close to it like they were besties and so I got to take this incredible picture that basically blows my mind and almost makes me want to stop writing this blog post just so I can stare at it and relive the experience.


But, I’ll continue, because though this is the most beautiful of the pictures I took, I think the rest of the hike is probably worth a mention.

After this the hike got hard and I was all like ‘woaaah, I’m too sleepy (hiking out of breath) to take pictures.’ So to sum it up, we hiked up, we sweat like a TON and our legs got really tired (except for matt’s amazing robot legs) and we were all like ‘I think we’re almost there!’ a bunch of times, which of course is a sure way to know you’re NOT almost there.

And then, finally, we made it to the top of Haystack and we were like ‘hot daaaaaaamn that’s purty.’


and Amy was like, you know what would make this even purtier? ME!


And i was like ‘no! I make it purtier!’

notice my missing, blown out head

and matt was all like ‘shh, everyone’s pretty, ok? Now let me tie amy’s shoelaces together so she falls down.’


except amy is too smart for that and didn’t fall down.

so after shoving our faces full of food, we were off again, across the Franconia Ridge, which was bonkers pretty and reasonably easy to hike up even though our legs were all like NOOOOOO and our stomachs were all like “I WILL STEAL ALL THE BLOOD FROM YOUR MUSCLES AND USE IT AS MY OOOOWN.”


I was tired (hiking out of breath) for a lot of this, so even though there were some real pretty sites along the 1.5 mile ridge, the next thing you’ll see here is when we reached Mt. Lafayette, the last of the three summits of the day and the start of our descent!

We were a little tired, and going down isn’t really any fun, so we asked everyone on the summit for a ride down in a flying car (given there were no roads to the top) and they were all like “no way, we don’t take hitchhikers in our flying car, it’s expensive and you’re smelly…but if you want we can take your picture.” So we did that.


and then on the way down amy tweaked her ankle and i almost fell like a billion times and matt was like, i can’t take you guys anywhere, and we were all like OW OUR KNEES ARE DYING, and i was tired ((i just want to get back to the car now) and (MY KNEEEEEESSSS)) so I didn’t take any pictures. but we made it to the car in good time, at which point we all high-fived and agreed we were pretty much rock stars, and planned to drive home and party like them.

Three hours later, we all got home and promptly fell to sleep.

we’ll be rockstars tomorrow.

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