Teaching ends, and off to Nepal

The last few months feel like they’ve been filled to the brim.

When I wasn’t teaching those wonderful kids, I was working part-time at Amazing Charts as a technical writer learning all about the world of practice management (aka medical billing). When I wasn’t doing either of those, I was at the gym biking (training for Joe and I’s trip to Ireland in May), or meditating, or sitting at my desk finally editing my novel. When I wasn’t doing that I was at a book club meeting, lesson planning, fitting in time with friends (who are about to disperse around the country in June), and planning trips to Canada, Ireland and Nepal (though Canada got cut). When I wasn’t doing THAT, I was making sandwiches and lunches, snuggling Joe, or finally, sometimes, watching a funny TV show before bed.

And now, tonight, about 7 hours after finishing my last class at Calcutt Middle School (it was awesome), I’m lying in bed  resting after spending the last several days packing for my trip to Nepal with Amy (I get up in 5 hours).

I’m nervous for Nepal.  I can’t quite put my finger on why…my best guess is it’s just anxiety about Nepal being something new, an unknown. It’ll be my first trip to Asia, and I’m thrilled that Amy, who’s been to Asia many times, will be able to help me assimilate. I’m wondering how it will be different from East Africa, what mountains as tall as the Himalayas and those near the Annapurna range will look like, whether I’ll be able to interact with the people more than I did in Africa. I do it takes longer to get there: 12.5 hours to Dubai and then 4 and change to Kathmandu. I also know it’s cheaper. Hostels there cost like $5-$7 a night…and those are the good ones. I don’t know much else except it’s recent history, the damage from the earthquake, that they have a caste system and they recently went through a fuel crisis. I hope to learn more about Nepal, its history and its people while I’m there.

Most people’s plan for Nepal is high-altitude hikes. But after my little…experience…on Kilimanjaro, I’m not quite looking for that kind of time since I still haven’t quite figured out how to avoid altitude sickness yet. Amy and I are going to be visiting temples and villages, hopefully doing some day hikes and possibly overnight ones, we’re going to put our ear to the ground and hear what we should do from the travelers around us.


I plan to try to blog as I go, like I did in Scotland. But even if I can’t write here, I do plan to write in a journal and transcribe some or all of it here later.

So, for now, farewell and see you soon!

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