Getting to gate c17

It wasn’t all smooth sailing getting from providence to our plane. Ames almost missed the train (or was afraid she might) because of a miscommunication between her and Matt. In South station we couldn’t figure out how to purchase a ticket for the shuttle to the airport. When we finally did, we had the shuttle drop us off at the wrong terminal and had to walk ten minutes to our actual check in counter. Even though we’d tried to repack our bags to be “sneaky” and carry them on, we had some trouble at the counter and had to kind of finagle our way with sad faces and pleas to let us bring our bags through. We succeeded but at security every item we passed though was marked to be searched–me because of the poncho and emergency blanket I had in one bag and a toiletry thing in another and Amy for “small toiletries” that she didn’t think existed and the officer never found. We nailed that challenge and finally got into the terminal, got coffee (Amy), headphones (me) and just a few minutes after arriving at our gate, boarding began! 

Aka we nailed it. 

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