Day 5 and 6 pokhara: the bus, the yoga teacher, and the peace pagoda

The bus to pokhara was not my favorite. The map we had of the Kathmandu valley showed a pretty straight line between Kathmandu and pokhara, but it was very clear early on that that was a huge oversimplification. The road was super windy, up and down and around mountains/hills the whole way there. I had a really nauseous stomach from something is eaten and so the winding-ness did not help matters at all. We both did alright but we’re happy to land on solid ground in pokhara. 
The number of white tourists in the lakeside area of pokhara is both pleasant and strange. It means there are a lot of amenities and a plethora of western food and facility options. But it’s also awkward, like we’ve co-opted a part of their city, living a better life in our few days here than they have at all. We haven’t yet walked through the area stepped back from lakeside, but we plan to, to see what pokhara is like outside of the main strip. 

After finding a place to stay for the first night, we ate (something American and neutral for me) and pretty quickly passed out (per usual). 

The next morning we woke up early (per usual) and ate a little something before attending what would become our favorite yoga class ever. Ever. The guy who ran the yoga class had bushy black hair, with dreadlocks bunched up on either side of his face. And his face was almost always smiling, laughing or about to laugh. His whole being was radiating joyfulness and playfulness. At the end of his class he had us all laugh hysterically. Pretending at first of course but then as we all watched him laugh and we laughed, real laughter, hysterical hilarious laughter ensued. 

After yoga we relaxed and switched hotels, and then later we walked to the peace pagoda, which took us on a hike through a forest, passing by a few villages. We met up with some other hikers along the way and an hour later we were at the top. If been super excited to see the pagoda after my meditation experience with the pagoda, but while the views were awesome, the crowds around the pagoda itself were disappointing. There were tons of signs asking people to be silent, but it was like no one cared to pay attention to this. Everyone was laughing, talking, carrying on. My grand idea of meditating at the pagoda was totally squashed. 

On the way down i got a bit anxious. The sun was going down and I generally get anxious in new places at sundown, and we took o be or two wrong turns, which we recovered from but which made me a little nervous. I was glad Ames was there since she kept her wits about her and helped make sure we went the right way. 

At home we meditated and then I passed OUT and slept for twelve hours. 

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