Day 8 pokhara: resting, relaxing and rafting…

Today was a rest, relax and decision day. It started with yoga with our favorite teacher, though after last night drinking mojitos (2 for 1!) and “partying” (going from reStaurant to restaurant) until “late” (aka 1130pm), we were feeling a little less enthusiastic and it seemed maybe our teacher was too. There was still the laughing but a little less playfulness than the day before! Oh well!
After a quick and delicious breakfast at a place called the early bird, we headed for coffee at a bit of a fancy place calls Himalayan java cafe, where we planned to hunker down for a bit, read, and then get going. 

Just as we were leaving, amy ended up starting a conversation with this guy who happened to have lived in Seattle before moving to Germany and then Nepal with his wife and two kids. He and his wife chatted Amy and I up, giving us helpful (number for taxi driver they know) and not so helpful (take a domestic flight!) information. One thing they mentioned was to check out the rafting trip company on the ground floor, which did rafting trips. 

What a killer suggestion because after talking with an employee of the raft shop we decided that if there was room, we’d be interested in doing a three day raft trip. There will be three rafts and 24 people, 3 guides, 1 trip leader, 3 kayakers and 2 gear rafts. We’ll camp two nights before returning back to pokhara for one last night before heading back to Kathmandu (and then, for me, home!). 

We made a few other amazing finds today–one: a restaurant that made a delicious (read: fried) veggie burger. Two: a local aesthetician who gave me and Amy hand massages and Amy a manicure while letting us hold her 22-day old baby, telling us about her time in Amsterdam, and teaching us to count and say phrases in Nepali. Three: a cheaper, clean, awesome vibe place that has a (short) Slackline (!) and that we are planning to stay at on our last night here. If only we’d found it sooner, but at least we found it at all! 

We also did loads of shopping, buying jewelry (both of us), a tie dye dress (Amy) and eyeing all the things were going to purchase in our last few days here.

A good, quiet day filled with serendipitous encounters and great people and experiences! 

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