talk about a great trip!

In 6 days, joe and I biked for a total of 29 hours, a distance of 265 miles, climbing over 16,000 feet in elevation and got to see what’s been called one of the most picturesque areas of ireland.

Oh, yeah… And we got engaged.


The moment was pretty darn incredible. He nailed it.

I had this inkling that he was going to propose that was a bit more than an inkling. We’ve been together for about seven and a half years, and while all those years were not sparkling and perfect (and in fact some were less than enjoyable), the last few years we’ve just been getting better and better and better. Enough to the point that both of us really wanted to be with each other, forever. However, joe’s a bit of a procrastinator, so I eventually had to tell him that if he didn’t pop the question, I was going to. I didn’t have a problem with that, but he liked the idea of doing it himself, so I told him he better hurry it up. :)

Anyway, I thought he was going to do it in Ireland. Especially when I weaseled out of him that the week before our trip he’d finally told his whole family that he was, in general, planning on proposing to me.

Each day that passed, though, I kept wondering when he was going to do it. As we started biking on our last day, I figured (and hoped) that the day had come.

Throughout the bike trip, Joe had pulled out the camera countless times to take pictures of me, him, us, biking, standing, smiling, kissing, the scenery, the sheep, everything.


So at the Gap of Dunloe, when he had us stop to take a picture, i didn’t think too much of it. I saw him scrounging around in his backpack longer than usual and I thought, hey, maybe, but maybe not. there was another couple there playing with their dog and we hung around for a bit before he told me to hop out onto this rock off the shore. as I hopped out there, i totally pulled a kate and half fell in the lake.

I don’t quite remember what he said after he pressed the timer and started hopping out after me (he didn’t fall in, mind you). I don’t even remember saying yes.

I do remember his hands shaking. I remember hugging him afterward and seeing that we had a miniature audience of a few other tourists audience. I remember them clapping for him. And after we hopped back across the rocks together, I remember hugging until we were both teary.

The rest of the day was a blur of happiness. For a little while, the news was just ours. everything looked brighter. joe was beside himself with happiness. He kept asking if I liked the ring, if he did a good job, if I was sure.

I was :).

In the last few weeks, I think both of us have been pleasantly surprised by how fun being engaged is. For me, there is something really heady about putting on a ring that I am supposed to keep on, forever, that symbolizes the commitment we are making to each other. Joe, also, has been surprised with how excited he is about being engaged, about how awesome it is to think of me as his wife. Joe, who didn’t feel any rush about getting engaged, has started looking at me every once in a while and asking, “what took me so long?”

we know it won’t always be pretty. we’ve certainly been through our own trials and tribulations over the last seven and a half years and we expect the future will bring both happiness and tough stuff.

but we want to face whatever comes, together, and we can’t wait to do it as husband and wife.

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